TrustAvenue's industry-leading ZeroFraud service is aimed at helping merchants prevent fraud from online card not present transactions. Through its comprehensive fraud screening system, merchants can accurately detect and automatically flag attempted fraud from card not present transactions.


ZeroFraud is the proprietary credit card fraud detection service that combines GeoIP technology with other in-house developed order variable checks, such as open proxy detection. The ZeroFraud service can provide all the information obtained during manual verification and additional information in less than one second. Merchants can use the ZeroFraud service to speed up manual order verification, automate order process by using our risk scores, or develop their own customized scoring system with the information that we provide.


Since the ZeroFraud service is a hosted solution, it connects and consists of all the e-commerce businesses who are currently using the ZeroFraud service. Currently, more than 6,000 e-commerce businesses are protected by the ZeroFraud service through our client and partner networks. By combining feedback and resources from the ZeroFraud network and delivering new features designed to combat emerging fraud trends, we are able to help merchants reduce chargebacks effectively.


Businesses may prefer to have an in-house screening system, but we believe a hosted service has advantages over an in-house system. While in-house fraud screening systems may be effective, over time, fraudsters will figure out a way to circumvent the security measures. Being part of the ZeroFraud Network allows for a more dynamic and adaptive approach to fraud detection through the idea of mutual protection. For example, if we detect suspicious activity from an IP address, it will be flagged as high risk throughout the network in real-time. Feedback from merchants will serve as a warning signal to all others within the network. For that reason, the ZeroFraud service can complement existing in-house fraud checking systems very well.